We are culinary creatives who love to push past boundaries and color outside of the lines. We live by the motto Season in Color!  Our specialty tacos with a twist are delicious masterpieces that are anything but ordinary. 

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It all started with my mommy. I grew up watching her run her business Heavenlee Delights out of our kitchen. I still remember seeing how happy people were when they tasted one of her treats. My mom did what she had to do to take care of me. While we didn’t have much, we had TACO THURSDAYS!!!

I watched as my mother would take what she had in the kitchen and find creative ways to make a meal of it.

No matter how often we ate tacos, they were never boring and that’s what I bring to my kitchen daily. I see cooking as a way to challenge boundaries and reimagine the classics. I enjoy introducing people to foods they never knew existed and flavor combinations they’ve never tasted. I believe in creating fun delicious meals served up fast and full of love, and I take pride in serving an unforgettable experience in every dish.



We view food as an amazing illustration of the beauty that surrounds us. It’s an expression of who we are and where we’re from. We enjoy translating that beauty into something you can actually taste and sharing that experience with everyone around us.

SZN is Black-owned and Atlanta based. We use our passion for cooking  to connect with others. We source our produce from Black farmers and often incorporate ingredients from other Black chefs. We believe in strengthening our community from the inside out, and there’s no better way to do that than through food.


Ever wondered what makes SZN food so damn good? The dopeness is in the details. We start by using fresh, locally sourced, sustainable, all-natural ingredients. We finish by seasoning each dish with the perfect blend of herbs and spices to create a culinary experience guaranteed to brighten your day.


We take pride in our work, and we absolutely love what we do. That’s why we make our own sauces and mix our own seasonings. Every SZN dish is well thought out, creatively named, prepared with tons of love, and seasoned to perfection. We make sure that every bite is an amazingly colorful experience.  

What’s Cooking!

There’s nothing dull about SZN’s food. These delicious disruptors will make you rethink what a taco should taste like and have you wondering what other parts of your life could use a dab of color. Once you try a SZN taco, you won’t want anything else.

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Please note: Menu items are subject to change.

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Brittany Bradsher McBroom
Brittany Bradsher McBroom
Ma'am idk what you did to this food but my God it was so dang good!! The Buffalo egg roll (get 2 you'll eat them both)... the 5 star chicken tacos and the apple pie egg rolls OmGeeee so good!!read more
Jerome White Jr.
Jerome White Jr.
Great food and A1 customer service
Krystal Toland
Krystal Toland
This food is beyond amazing...the the way it looks to the way it tastes. The black and blue tacos, limeade and now the... Gumbo are our favorites. Oh and the late night menu comes thru in a clutch. When I tell you it was RIGHT on time....I introduced my friends to it last night and they are asking to come back today...😆read more
Sharina Moore
Sharina Moore
Everything that I have tried from SZN has been amazing! But the crab cake egg rolls and lobster Mac quesadilla was... beyond amazing! A pure masterpiece! Will definitely be a returning more
Morgan Belcher
Morgan Belcher
Today I had the pleasure of trying the Lobster Mac Quesadilla it was nothing short of tasty. I've never had, let alone... thought of such a combination but it was everything I imagined after looking at the picture. Oh and we can't forget the lemonade! Delicious all the way around. Thanks more
Paris'fullfiguredbarbie' Williams
Paris'fullfiguredbarbie' Williams
It takes a lot of LOVE to pull off ground turkey... especially ground turkey tacos! 🌮 🌮 🌮😜The tacos I had tonight made... me feel like I was back home in Southern Cali! The flavor was so familiar but brand new to my taste buds and they love you chef Josey! SZN is a must! You have to try but I have to warn you... you will fall in love at first bite 😜😘✌🏽😎read more
Rae Marchè Raej
Rae Marchè Raej
OMG! It is definitely the season to eat SZN! I absolutely love the Soulrito and the Phatty By Nature! It is all so... HeavenLee!!! I am extra proud of these two young ladies (BLACK FEMALE OWNERS!!!) because they are my cousins! You will be begging for more!!!! #OrderToday #BlackFemaleOwners #SZNATLread more
Astrid Keyanna Varner
Astrid Keyanna Varner
Tonight I had the pleasure of trying this tasty delectable dessert “pop my cherry 🍒”let me tell you my mouth is ... watering for more. My cherry has been officially popped 😂😂👌🏽This is the 2020 spin on the famous cherry pie 🥧 Honestly its quite incomparable and you will have to try for yourself to see what I mean . All I can say is I will definitely be ordering again. These amazing millennial female chefs will have you begging for more with offering the most amazing selection of food especially if you’re craving for something fresh and different and you’re an indecisive foodie like myself. #Order today #femalechefs #blackownedrestaurants #2020food #SZN Atlread more
Alysha Harvey EA
Alysha Harvey EA
We order from SZN at least once a month and the food was amazing. The first dish my husband and I tried was a turkey... wing dinner and OMG!!!!!! Girl!!!! It was so good. My husband ordered a large plate and devoured it. The owner Josey said she never saw anyone finish her large plates EVER! The next dish we tried was the salmon cakes or crochets with eggs... WHEW it was too good and we finished that wanting more honestly. The 3rd dish we tried was a dessert and I totally forgot the name, but it was a cinnamon rolls like taquito. And dish number whatever was the SHRIMP AND GRITS!!! Let me tell you I am VERY picky with my grits and I added NO seasoning because she SZN’d to taste and perfection. WHEW! With all of that I highly recommend SZN to anyone! Oh and the come back and BBQ sauces are amazing. So glad she started selling those too!read more
Tiffany Dover
Tiffany Dover
Tierra is an excellent chef. Her passion for food comes through in her dishes. Her creations are slap-ya-mama good!
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